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Welcome to Year 3

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You will have two teachers - MrsThornton-Pugh is in class for Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday morning - whilst Mrs Harban is in on Wednesday afternoon,Thursdays and Fridays. On our team we also have Mrs Corley.

We have a different topic each term:

Autumn - Our topic is Natural Disasters.

Spring - Romans.

Summer - Brockholes - Then and Now.

Salve! Our Roman topic has started. We are beginning to practise for our class assembly and are learning some songs, a dance and a poem to entertain you!

Let us entertain you! Ready for the dress rehearsal of 'The Lion King'.

What is soil made of? Year 3 investigates...

Brockholes will remember them: Year 3 helped to lead our commemoration as a school. Names of the men on the War Memorial were read out and poppies were brought forward to make a wreath. The names of the men from WW1 were recorded onto doves and a prayer was said.

The following day, Year 3 held a simple ceremony by the War Memorial and laid the wreaths from the school.

A great day was had by all at Magna. We started off with an excellent workshop, creating volcanoes and taking core samples. Rocks were analysed and identified. The class thoroughly enjoyed the adventure playground. After a visit to the shop, we had lunch. The afternoon began with watching 'The Big Melt', which explained the previous purpose of the building. This was followed by investigating each area - Air, Fire, Earth and Water - which we visited last - for obvious reasons! An action-packed and enjoyable time.

Converting media.
(Media will continue converting in the background)

Our first experiment - comparing pips in small apples to those in large apples. Ask the children about our surprising results!