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The Friends of Brockholes School exists to promote goodwill and understanding between parents, teachers and children.  It is an active organisation, which in addition to organising a number of enjoyable social events, raises a lot of money to provide goods and services the school could not afford in any other way.

Some of our recent purchases are:
o Staging
o Laptop trolley

FOBS meetings are held once or twice a term to discuss ideas, priorities and plan events (activities are provided for children during these meetings so please bring them along). Notice of the meetings is posted in “Headlines” and information can also be found on the notice board outside school.

As stated, any parent with a child attending the school is able to join FOBS.   We are always looking for new people to join the team, bringing with them fresh ideas and perspectives.


Easter Fayre - Wednesday 27th March - 3.15pm

Miserable Grinches at Christmas Fayre
Miserable Grinches at Christmas Fayre

100 Club

We hope that many of you will join the new 100 Club which will offer monthly cash prozes as well as raising regular funds for school.


FOBS 100 Club - Joining Information

FOBS 100 Club News