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Parents Evening / Meetings

Video Parent Meetings - Wednesday 10th February 2021.

You are invited to make appointments for the school’s next parent-teacher meetings. These meetings will be booked online, and then held by video meeting rather than in-person at the school.  This year we have chosen another company, School Cloud, to help with the Parent Meetings so some details are different from when we last had the meetings in November 2020. 


The parent-teacher meetings are on:

  • WEDNESDAY 10TH FEBRUARY 2021 between 9.30am and 6.30pm depending which class your child is in. PLEASE NOTE, THERE WILL BE NO LIVE LESSONS ON THIS DAY.
    The system will only allow you to book one appointment per child and will only offer appointments that are available.  Details of the appointment times are at the bottom of this letter.


To make your appointments please login at: HTTPS://brockholescofe.schoolcloud.co.uk


To login you will need to enter:

  • Your first name and surname and email address
  • Your child’s first name, surname and date of birth

The login details you enter must match those we have on record for you.


Appointments will be available to book from 6pm on Monday 1st February 2021 until midday (12pm) on

Monday 8th February 2021.



  • If you have more than one child, you only need to log in once as the system will link all your children together.
  • You can ask the system to automatically select appointments for you and if you have more than one child it will try and make these as close together as possible.
  • If your class has two teachers as in Year 1 and Year 2, you will be able to see both teachers together.
  • The person who makes the booking can now invite another parent if they are away from the family home and need to sign in on another device – useful for parents who don’t live together.


On the day of your appointments, you need to re-login at the website address above or click the login link from the bottom of the email confirmation you will have received.  Click Join Video Appointments button.  Further help is available here:  https://support.parentseveningsystem.co.uk/article/801-video-parents-how-to-attend-appointments-over-video-call


If you are unable to book at home or require further assistance, please contact the school office for help.