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Welcome to Year 3

Year 3 Class Letter Spring 2020

Year 3 Topic Spring 2020

You will have two teachers - MrsThornton-Pugh is in class each Monday to Thursday, whilst Mr Barrans is in on Fridays. On our team we also have Mrs Corley and Mrs Crossland.

We have a different topic each term:

Autumn - Our topic is Anglo Saxons.

Spring - Greeks.

Summer - Tudors (plus some geography).


Find out how to say a greeting in Greek by following this link: 


 We are looking forward to learning about the Ancient Greeks this term.

Children enjoyed learning about the Trinity in a session led by the Hand to Mouth organisation.

Chef Barrans has been teaching a masterclass in making soup!

Allison and Emily from Yorkshire Building Society visited us today to lead a workshop on financial matters entitled 'Wants and Needs'. The children had to consider various scenarios and make choices. They then had to assess whether these were essential or desirable. The children enjoyed spending this virtual money and were fairly good at budgeting. A popular choice for their desert island spending was ice cream!

Year 3 visited the village war memorial today to lay our wreath. Each child had made a poppy to remember a specific man named there. The class have been undertaking research about the wartime memories of various family members. There have been some fascinating stories. We even had the chance to view medals belonging to one family member. 

Science investigation to discover if large apples contain more pips than smaller ones.

Year 3 had a super visit to the Mining Museum. See them in action at the workshop on rocks and fossils and enjoying the sights around the museum.

No photos of our underground experience - what goes on down there is for miners only! 

Year 3 had a visit from Miss Cherryholme who demonstrated different woodwind instruments. Some children then chose to experience a workshop for flute, clarinet or saxophone.