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Welcome to Year 3 Bienvenue

Can you find the present site of Brockholes School in the above photo?

Today Year 3 enjoyed a zoom meeting with Kaziah from the Hand to Mouth organization. They learned about Maria Gomez from El Salvador then created a cross of hope based on their lives.

Feeling hungry? See what has been conjured up today in our Muddy Monday session. Nearly all ingredients were organic!

We remember them
We remember them


Year 3 each made a poppy for these wreaths. Each child spoke aloud the name of a man on our village memorial. Four prayers for peace were read out and we observed a minute's silence.

Orienteering today. Which way is North? The children use their maps to find the markers hidden around the grounds.

Enjoying testing out the new canopy. We needed our wellies today as it was definitely a Muddy Monday! Practising new skills.

Our topic this term is 'Brockholes Then and Now'.

How much do you know about our village?

We have enjoyed linking with other schools to listen to faith representatives from Hinduism and Judaism. We watched films, made crafts and thought up questions to ask the reps. Some of our questions were answered in the live discussion!

Can you work out how this Roman artefact was used? What do you think it is?

We have investigated different aspects of Roman life and what happened when the Roman army invaded Britain.

We've enjoyed meeting people from other faiths via a 'Teams' meeting and watching video clips made by different faith representatives. Learning together and making new friends in Diversity Week has been fun! Do you like our Hindu Toran door hangings? We have decorated our doorways with them.

Enjoying the house athletics competition in a session run by Chris Thewlis.

Enjoying our time exploring outdoors with Rosie and Oscar.

Seed investigation - comparing quantities of seeds inside 2 different types of fruits from our school grounds.