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 Our classes


Reception Class are taught by Miss Beth Hobson and Mrs Alison Heeley.

Reception class currently has 30 Reception children.


Year One are taught by Mrs Sally Henderson and Mrs Alison Heeley. There are 30 Year 1 children in this class.


Year Two are taught by Mrs Kate Maddison and Miss Amy Cherryholme.  There are 29 children in Year 2.


Year Three are taught by Mrs Helen Thornton-Pugh and Mr Steve Barrans. In Year 3 there are 30 children.


Year Four are taught by Mr Russell Horsfall. There are 30 children in our Year Four class.


Year Five are taught by Mr Matthew Keane. There are currently 28 children in Year 5.


Year Six are taught by Mr James Hind. We have 30 children in the current Year 6 class.