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Our governing body is made up of parents, teachers and other staff, LA and church representatives, people co-opted from the local community, and the Head teacher.  Governors are volunteers and their term of office usually lasts for four years.  The Head teacher and school governors are responsible for the overall educational and financial health of the school and will make decisions about

  • Setting and monitoring the school’s aims, policies and school budget;
  • Appointing staff, including the head teacher;
  • Maintaining the school’s premises and improving the environment;
  • Composition of overall school development plan and ensure progress towards achieving the targets in the school development plan is monitored;
  • Ensuring the National Curriculum is taught and standards of achievement are maintained and raised;
  • Making sure that the school provides for all its pupils including those from ethnic minority backgrounds and with special needs;
  • Ensuring the school encourages pupils’ spiritual, moral and cultural development. 


Governors Five Year Strategy

  • To look for different streams of income to support our strategic intent over the next five years to ensure a financially stable school
  • To ensure an environmentally friendly and sustainable school for the future.
  • Extend the offer to create wider opportunities for pupils to develop skills and talents and reach potential.
  • Improve outcomes through quality first teaching and high level leadership.


The Governors 

The Chair of the Standards and Effectiveness Committee is Suzy Bailey-Hawke

The Chair of the Resources Committee is Kirsty White

Name Start of term of Office End of term of Office Governor Type Specific responsibility
Clare Thomas N/A N/A Headteacher  
Matthew Keane 13.10.21 12.10.25 Teaching Staff  
Rachael Anderson 13.06.23 12.06.27 Co-opted Pupil Premium
Rev Martin Short N/A N/A Foundation Ex-Officio  
Lesley Conway (Chair) 24.3.22 23.3.26



Suzy Bailey-Hawke

(Vice Chair)

10.10.22 9.10.26


Child Protection, Safeguarding, Attendance, Looked After Children

Anthony Hutt 16.5.2021 15.5.25



Jenny Parkin 17.11.21 16.11.25



Kirsty White 19.10.22 18.10.26 Parent Finance
John Cunningham 27.09.22 26.09.26


Health and Safety

Emma Taylor    

LA Governor Pending

SEND, Wellbeing, Equality


Foundation PCC







Governor Resignation / End of Term of Office

Name of Governor Position Start End
Phil Crowther Co-opted 13.10.21 12.7.23
Lynne Minett Co-opted 24.3.22 11.7.23
Charles Kaye Foundation PCC 22.7.20 21.7.23


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