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Welcome to Year 1


Spring Term

This term we are learning about buildings around us.  We are exploring materials and what things are made of.  We are going to find out about the events of the

'Great Fire of London' .  This will mean finding out a little bit about the capital cities of the U.K.  This terms topic is called 'Houses and Homes'.  We will be retelling the story of the 'Three Little Pigs', through literacy, dance and science.  In D.T. we are going to make out own houses.  We will find out about how technology has changed in our homes since out grandparents time.

 We will still be doing 'Terrific Tuesday' every fortnight. 


In KS1 we use the Monster Phonics scheme of synthetic phonics. We learn 4 / 5 sounds a week and learn how to blend them to read whole words and sentences. We read real and made up words so we are ready for the KS1 Phonics check in at the end of Year 1. We use the Monster Phonics Reading Scheme in school and books will be sent home to read together to promote your children’s love of reading. We have really appreciated having help with reading in the mornings.

Thank you.


Autumn Term

Last term Year 1 learned a lot about the seasons of the year.  They demonstrated this in our class assembly on the 19th January.  The learned about how the day length changes throughout the year and how this affects animal behaviour.  We has a lovely visit to Beaumont Park where we looked at the deciduous trees and how they were changing colour and losing their leaves.  We found out about parks and how they provide safe outside space for people to enjoy.

the children also did a fantastic job of learning songs, dances and lines for the Nativity, retelling the story of Jesus' birth.


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Follow this link for ways to help your child https://monsterphonics.com/free-resources/fun-ways-to-help-children-learn-phonics-spelling/